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Kick Energy – Youth National Programme & Entry List

On behalf of Sheffield & Hallamshire MCC, I would like to welcome you to the Kick Energy Youth Trial which is a round of the ACU Acklams Beta Britsh Solo Youth A B C & D Trials Championship. A big thanks to Global Brands/Kick Energy for their support as the main sponsor of the event.

Kick Energy Youth Trial programme (PDF)

Kick Energy Youth Trial entry list 2018 – UPDATED (excel)


Sheffield and Hallamshire at Stone Edge on the 19/02/17

Please click to see the Results from the Sheffield and Hallamshire at Stone Edge on the 19/02/17  it was the 3rd round of the S&H Club championship, please click here to view the S&H Championship Positions after the 3rd round.

A big thank you to Richard Timps, Corey and Mick Dubik, Joe and George Spivey for setting out, thank you to Bex, Steph & Laura for sorting the entries and finally to everyone involved in clearing the car park and the sections. Massive thanks to all the observers, as riders, please remember to thank them, they are only there for you to have fun. We also like to offer a huge thank you to the land owner for giving us special permission to use this amazing piece of land for the trial. Please don’t go onto the land without permission as we value access to this space for our trials and don’t want to jeopardise our future with this superb area. Our next trial hasn’t been confirmed yet so please keep an eye on or our Facebook page for any further information as it comes in.

S&H Winter Rd2 Results – 27th of December 2015 Eadons Fields

Click here for the results: 28-12-15

A big thank you to Mark and Richard Timperley for setting out, thank you to Bex & Laura for sorting the entries & Paul for organising everyone involved!

Congratulations to Dan Thorpe, Katy Sunter and Dave Thorpe for winning their respective routes and all other class winners.

Our next trial will be the 3rd round of the winter series is on the Sunday the 31st of January at Eadons Fields, hope to see you all there and all the best for the New Year.

2015 Brough Rough ‘N Results

Well, another year and another successful Brough Rough N trial!

First of all we must say a huge thank you to Jonny & Laura Carr, as without them this amazing trial wouldn’t happen.  Jonny gets very stressed each year, worrying that it isn’t going to be a success, but every time it is the trial with the biggest smiles.

We are still waiting for the final total that we have raised for Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice, but we know we have raised a fantastic amount due to your generosity.  Thank you so much to everyone who donated, entered, bought food, raffle tickets, and donated prizes. It soon adds up.

Please see the results, photos and specific thank yous below.

Results (PDF Download)
Timed Section – Fastest Times (PDF Download)

Photos: were at the trial taking photos throughout the day, the photos should be online soon.

Liz Wilson, Sharon Bown, Mat and Mel Carl, Anna Parker, Joanne and Lee Smart, Caroline Turner, Sarah Lewis, Phil Granby, Beccy Camsell, Tom Garland, Dawn and Paul Winwood, Laura James, Lady Di and Jon Parkin.

On the food– Jill Carr and Dawn Chater

Landowner – Big Thank You to Malcom Ollerenshaw.

Setting out – Jonny Carr, Joe Spivey, George Spivey and Richard Timperley.

Catering equipment – 7th Dronfield Scouts.

Pre-entries – Rebecca Spivey.

Raffle Prizes– Jono at Tred Shop, Splat Shop, Lewis at County Conveyors, Sharon Bown, Rebecca Spivey, Russel at James Hargreaves in Dronfield, Liam Rodder at City Plumbing in Dronfield, and Alfred Dunham and Sons in Dronfield.

East Midlands Centre Youth Championships Results

Click here for the results: East Midlands Youth Championships Results (PDF)

Click here for the Conducted Oset results: Oset Results 07-06-15 (PDF)

A big thank you to George, Jonny, Corey, Mick & Andy for laying out the trial, Laura & Bex for taking the entries, George for the results and Jonny Carr for running the conducted Oset route.

A massive thank you to the observers, we couldn’t do it without you.

Thank you to Michelin & Oset for help with the prizes. Sorry for the confusion of the non-eligable riders, this only happens for the ACU East Midlands Championships, we will try and make this clearer next time.

Congratulations to George Spivey, Daniel Slack, Harry Bowyer & Alfred Alderman. You are this years Youth ACU East Midlands Champions!

Our next trial will be famous charity Brough Rough ‘N on the 30th August. Due to a request from the land owner the entry numbers will be limited, entry forms will be available soon on
Please keep your eyes peeled for the entry forms, entries will be taken in the order they are received.

You can also follow us on facebook:

East Midland Centre Youth Championship – Starting Order & Start Times




1 Kieran McDaid 11:01 16:01
2 George Spivey 11:02 16:02


20 Adam Juffs 11:03 16:03
21 Tom Spencer 11:04 16:04
22 Daniel Slack 11:05 16:05
23 Jake Eley 11:06 16:06
24 Brett Harbud (Guest) 11:07 16:07

70 Harry Bowyer 11:08 16:08
71 Josh Taylor 11:09 16:09
72 Daisey Parsons 11:10 16:10
73 Owen Bowers 11:11 16:11
74 Jack Dance (Guest) 11:12 16:12

75 Alfred Alderman 11:13 16:13
76 Dominic Horne (Guest) 11:14 16:14
77 Alex Horne (Guest) 11:15 16:15

78 Hayden Oliver (Guest) 11:15 16:15




S&H Results – 29 March 2015 – Beginners & Novices Trial

Results: &H Results 29 Mar 2015 (PDF)

A big thank you to Rob Martlew for laying out the trial, Laura Carr for taking the entries, and Jonny Carr for helping make this happen and run smoothly on a horrible weather day.

Congratulations to Dale Harvey & Andrew Brook for winning their respective routes and all other class winners.

Our next trial will be on 7th June 2015 at Eadons Fields, Dronfield. This will be the only round of the ACU East Midlands Youth Championships, it is open for anyone to ride, but there will be some top awards for the competing youths. Any youths wanting to compete must pre enter before the 29th May 2015. Please read more about it on, and click on the calendar event on the right hand side.

Please remember at all trials, there should be no riding before the horn is sounded and the final instructions are given.

S&H – Conducted Results – Rd1 – 18/01/15

Click here to download Conducted results Rd 1 (PDF)

Thank you to everyone that turned up to make this conducted route happen, I hope everyone enjoyed it. It has been a big enough success that we will be running more rounds this year, please keep checking on here and on our facebook page:

And a massive thank you for Jonny for making this happen, and everyone else that helped.

Sheffield & Hallamshire Results – Eadons (Rd 3) – 18/01/15

Another top trial in the snow.

Provisional Results now out, these are in the process of being checked. If you spot any errors please let us know.

Click here for the results: 18-01-15-Eadens-Fields (PDF)

A big thank you Joe & Richard for setting out the main trial and Jonny for sorting out the little fellas on the conducted

Congratulations to Dan Thorpe, Katy Sunter, Ian Ainsworth & Stephen Bisby for winning their respective routes and all other class winners.

Our next trial will be on 22nd February 2015 probably at Eadons Fields. If anyone can bring an observer you will get a free ride so please let Andy Atkinson or Jonny Carr know in advance if possible. Ta