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27/10/19 – The Hallamshire Trial – Results

Thank you to everybody for supporting Sheffield & Hallamshire MCC with the 2nd running of ‘The Hallamshire Trial’. The weather conditions on Friday and Saturday hampered us somewhat but fortunately the water level dropped so we could have a trial – a hard one at that! The consolation is that it was about as slippery as it gets so hopefully next year it will be a bit more favourable. Well done to everybody who persevered and finished the trial and well done to all class winners as there were some superb scores in the tough conditions. Many thanks to the land owners and observers as we would have no trial without them. Thanks to the signing on and results team, the course setting team and anybody else who helped in any way at all. See you all next year. 

Rider Feedback:
We would love to hear your feedback on the trial and what you thought to the severity of the sections: