Brough Rough ‘N Entries 2015

Its the big day this Sunday 30th August, below are the pre-entries for the trial. Because we haven’t filled the 50 spaces allowed, we will be taking entries on the morning. But this will be on a first come first served basis, if there isn’t space for you to ride we would love it if you could help out.

No Class Route Name Bike
1 nov   nigel potts Beta
2 nov   tony heath mont
3 nov   chris lewton gasgas
4 o/50 4 dave aspinall jtg
5 nov   andy johnson sherco
6 int 4 tim p sherco
7 int 4 robert martlew scorpa
8 int 4 jess bown sherco
9 int 4 joe spivey  
10     charlotte kimber  
11     chris kimber  
12   4 craig talbot  
13     becky talbot  
14 nov 4 chloe richardson  
15 o/50 3 chris bown scorpa
16 nov 4 jim bown sherco
17 o/50   mark timp Beta
18 ex 4 rich timp Beta
19 o/50 3 leigh elliott gasgas
20 o/50 4 ian ainsworth sherco
21 ex 4 hannah styles gasgas
22 nov 4 andrew brook gasgas
23 nov 4 josh atk mont
24 o/50 2 andy atk mont
25 o/50 3 jon cropper gasgas
26 o/40 3 allen smith sherco
27 nov 3 lewis owen gasgas
28 nov 3 garath woodward sherco
29 o/40 3 nigel earnshaw Beta
30 Y/B 3 ben earnshaw gasgas
31 o/50 3 andy wilson gasgas
32 Y/A 3 sam wilson sherco
33 o/50 3 roger bown scorpa
34 int 4 matt bown gasgas
35 int 4 jonny carr yam

2 thoughts on “Brough Rough ‘N Entries 2015

    1. If using a SatNav, please use the postcode: S32 1AH to Abney. Follow the arrows up Duper Lane, this is a very small road that is not suitable for anything larger than a big van. Please do not try and get to the start from Brough using Brough Lane.

      There will be direction signs from Hathersage, but if they are missing for any reason:
      In Hathersage, take the road to the train station / Grindleford
      Opposite the Plough Inn, take the right turn up to Abney.
      At Abney, take the right turn on to Duper Lane.

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