2015 Brough Rough ‘N Results

Well, another year and another successful Brough Rough N trial!

First of all we must say a huge thank you to Jonny & Laura Carr, as without them this amazing trial wouldn’t happen.  Jonny gets very stressed each year, worrying that it isn’t going to be a success, but every time it is the trial with the biggest smiles.

We are still waiting for the final total that we have raised for Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice, but we know we have raised a fantastic amount due to your generosity.  Thank you so much to everyone who donated, entered, bought food, raffle tickets, and donated prizes. It soon adds up.

Please see the results, photos and specific thank yous below.

Results (PDF Download)
Timed Section – Fastest Times (PDF Download)

www.westbarphotography.co.uk were at the trial taking photos throughout the day, the photos should be online soon.

Liz Wilson, Sharon Bown, Mat and Mel Carl, Anna Parker, Joanne and Lee Smart, Caroline Turner, Sarah Lewis, Phil Granby, Beccy Camsell, Tom Garland, Dawn and Paul Winwood, Laura James, Lady Di and Jon Parkin.

On the food– Jill Carr and Dawn Chater

Landowner – Big Thank You to Malcom Ollerenshaw.

Setting out – Jonny Carr, Joe Spivey, George Spivey and Richard Timperley.

Catering equipment – 7th Dronfield Scouts.

Pre-entries – Rebecca Spivey.

Raffle Prizes– Jono at Tred Shop, Splat Shop, Lewis at County Conveyors, Sharon Bown, Rebecca Spivey, Russel at James Hargreaves in Dronfield, Liam Rodder at City Plumbing in Dronfield, and Alfred Dunham and Sons in Dronfield.

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