Monthly Archives: January 2015

S&H – Conducted Results – Rd1 – 18/01/15

Click here to download Conducted results Rd 1 (PDF)

Thank you to everyone that turned up to make this conducted route happen, I hope everyone enjoyed it. It has been a big enough success that we will be running more rounds this year, please keep checking on here and on our facebook page:

And a massive thank you for Jonny for making this happen, and everyone else that helped.

Sheffield & Hallamshire Results – Eadons (Rd 3) – 18/01/15

Another top trial in the snow.

Provisional Results now out, these are in the process of being checked. If you spot any errors please let us know.

Click here for the results: 18-01-15-Eadens-Fields (PDF)

A big thank you Joe & Richard for setting out the main trial and Jonny for sorting out the little fellas on the conducted

Congratulations to Dan Thorpe, Katy Sunter, Ian Ainsworth & Stephen Bisby for winning their respective routes and all other class winners.

Our next trial will be on 22nd February 2015 probably at Eadons Fields. If anyone can bring an observer you will get a free ride so please let Andy Atkinson or Jonny Carr know in advance if possible. Ta