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Results: John Bull Team Trial – Round 3 – 18/02/2018

This year’s John Bull Team Trial was to be held at Eadons Field near Dronfield with the best riders from the centre coming to compete against one another at a top Sheffield and Hallamshire MCC hosted event, with the ultimate goal of taking home the trophy for their respective club.

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The course was a gruelling journey through streams, up steep, slippery banks with a couple of waterfalls thrown in for good measure. On top of all of that, there was plenty of mud to be churned up in the wheels. Early riders found this to be a great challenge. The expert class riders took this challenge in their stride, which resulted in some outstanding riding for the likes of Dan Thorpe, Rich Timperly, and Luke Walker. The trial attracted a host of youth riders on smaller machines, who all made an excellent effort at each section, especially Josh Whitting on his Oset who battled through the conditions all day.

With a turnout of over 90 riders, the day was set to be eventful and challenging. This turned out to be especially true for Sheffield and Hallamshire Club rider Joe Spivey who took a harrowing fall from the top of one of the steepest banks of the circuit, resulting in a emergency exit to the A&E. A swift response by a great team of spectators, riders and observers saw him delivered safetly into the hands of the paramedics. Even with the accident the Hallamshire team stayed focused and put in a strong effort to finish the trial.

A big well done to all of the teams and riders that made it to the trial and took part. The season looks to be full of strong competition and great riding.

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