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Sheffield and Hallamshire Christmas Trial 27 Dec 2012 Eadons Fields

Well it was a tough one but I think most of you enjoyed the very challenging sections set out in the very slippy conditions found at Eadons fields. A big thanks goes to Andy, Josh, Mick, Richard and Mark for the efforts in organising the trial, Grant Kangley for the use of the venue and last but definitely not least all the observers for standing out there in the cold. Hope you’ve all had a great Christmas and all the best for the new year.

Results S+H Christmas trial

Let us know what you thought of the trial in the comments, your feedback will help us make it better hopefully.

Sheffield and Hallamshire Motor Club Ltd, Dudwood Farm 02.12.2012

Results Dudwood Farm 02.12.2012

I’m sure most of you will have spotted a Tiger (Joe Spivey), a Lion (Tim Pearson) and Santa (Jake Eley) riding at the trial this weekend, this was Joe’s idea to help raise money for the Dronfield First Responders. Joe’s words “So happy with my fund raising today was great I would like to thank every for sponsoring me and Tim, over all we have about £300 🙂 and a huge thanks to Barry Burton!!!
Also was a megga day riding with Timmy, joshi, chris and georgie boy ;))”

Community First Responders are volunteers trained to attend emergency calls received by the ambulance service and provide care until the ambulance arrives. They can arrive at an emergency in a matter of minutes, as they are sent to calls in their local area.

Joe’s family have had a lot of help from the first responders, they helped his uncle when he had a massive heart attack and helped his granddad when he had both his strokes, this is a very worthwhile cause as you or a member of your family may need the first responders one day.

If you’d like to help with a small donation please come see Tim at SplatShop or send Tim a gift payment through Paypal to or give cash to Joe Spivey personally.