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S&H Results – 29 March 2015 – Beginners & Novices Trial

Results: &H Results 29 Mar 2015 (PDF)

A big thank you to Rob Martlew for laying out the trial, Laura Carr for taking the entries, and Jonny Carr for helping make this happen and run smoothly on a horrible weather day.

Congratulations to Dale Harvey & Andrew Brook for winning their respective routes and all other class winners.

Our next trial will be on 7th June 2015 at Eadons Fields, Dronfield. This will be the only round of the ACU East Midlands Youth Championships, it is open for anyone to ride, but there will be some top awards for the competing youths. Any youths wanting to compete must pre enter before the 29th May 2015. Please read more about it on, and click on the calendar event on the right hand side.

Please remember at all trials, there should be no riding before the horn is sounded and the final instructions are given.